Survival swimming course

Increasingly, studies have shown that children forget the learned swimming techniques or have been greatly weakened. About one in four children does not satisfied the examination requirements a year and a half after obtaining the B diploma. That is one of the most striking conclusions from current research by the “Zwemanalyselab Windesheim Zwolle (source: an article on “zwembadbranche”). – link nog toevoegen

That is why we recently started to organized: survival/refresher lessons for children with an A, B or C diploma. This 4-day survival/refresher course is to playfully focus on (forgotten/weakened) techniques. There are also survival assignments such as going into the water with a balance bike.

The lessons are in Almere Tussen de Vaarten. Costs: € 40,00.

The course is mainly organized during the school holidays. The next course is not known regarding to the situation around the Corona virus. We will update the data as soon as possible.