Snorkeling course

On a playful and fun way learning how to snorkel. That is possible at our swimming school in Almere! Dive objects off the bottom, take a knot underwater or a competition with your flippers. 

The snorkeling course is usually given during the school holidays in 3 days with lessons of 45 minutes. After there 3 days the children can handle their glasses, snorkel and flippers. The children can obtain a snorkeling diploma 1, 2 or 3. The costs for the snorkeling course are € 45,00. The costs for one diploma is € 10,00. 

It is also possible to combine the snorkeling course with a seascooter workshop (combination costs: € 85,00). This is given on the other 2 days in the holiday.

The next snorkeling course is not known regarding the coronavirus. We will update this as soon as possible.