Mermaid workshop

Are you interested in learning how to swim like a real mermaid or neptune? Join our workshop in Almere Tussen de Vaarten! During the workshop, you will learn how to swim like a real mermaid/neptune using a mermaid tail (monofin).

The workshop consists of learning how to move in the water with a monofin and learning how to do fun tricks such as spinning and swimming through hoops. At the end of the workshop every mermaid/neptune will receive a certificate and a nice mermaid-themed gift.

The course consists of two lessons of 45 minutes. The workshop is given during all schoolholidays and is regularly given on weekdays between the holidays as well. All children who participate must have a B-certificate.

Costs: €38,50 for two lessons,  including a certificate, borrowing the material (like the monofin) and a nice mermaid bottle gift! Of course, it is allowed to bring your own material for the workshop.

The next workshop: currently unknown due to corona. You can already reserve a spot for the next workshop (recommended due to high popularity).

It is also possible to order a gift voucher including an extra (small) mermaid gift (€ 3,50 extra).

Mermaid childrens party
It is also possible to experience the workshop as a mermaid party in Almere Muziekwijk. Click on the button below for more information.