Mermaid workshop

Does your child want to learn to swim like a real mermaid or neptune? Then they can join our mermaid/neptune workshop in Almere Tussen de Vaarten. During the workshop the children learn to swim like a real mermaid/neptune with a mermaid tail. Parts that will be learned: move in the water with a monofin and fun tricks such as spinning and swimming through hoops. At the end of the workshop every mermaid/neptune will receive a certificate and a nice mermaid gift.

The course excist of 2 x 45 minutes. The workshop is given during all schoolholidays and regularly also on a weekday between the holidays. The children must have a B-diploma.

Costs:€ 38,50 including a certificate, borrowing the material (like the monofin) and a nice mermaid bottle gift! Own material is ofcourse also allowed.

The next workshop: currently unknown due to corona. You can already reserve a spot fort he next workshop (recommended due to high populariy.

It is also possible to order a gift voucher including an extra small mermaid gift (€ 3,50 extra).

Mermaid childrens party
It is also possible to give the workshop as a mermaid party in Almere Muziekwijk. Click on the button below for more information.